Interesting Promotional Merchandise Facts



What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are tangible items. They are usually decorated with a company's name, logo or message, and include useful or decorative articles of merchandise that are utilized in marketing and communication programs.

They include:

  • Ad Specialties – Promotional Merchandise
  • Business Gifts
  • Other Identification Applications
  • Premiums
  • Recognition Awards

When promotional products are distributed free, they're many times referred to as Promo Merchandise, Swag, or Ad Specialities.

When the items are given in exchange for a purchase, deposit or financial contribution, or a targeted incentive they're called premiums.

 Other kinds of promotional products are business gifts, awards and commemoratives.


Business Gifts

Nearly half of corporate America gives business gifts. They are typically given by businesses to customers and employees, and occasionally are given to influential clients and suppliers. Gift-giving reasons cited by companies are:

  • To Thank Customers (83 %)
  • To Develop Business (56 %)
  • To Recognize Employee Performance & Longevity (25 %)
  • Customers Expect Them (10 %)
  • Other (3 %)

Of those giving business gifts, 68 percent find the practice very effective or effective in achieving desired objectives and approximately 60 percent of business gifts are purchased through promotional products distributors such as American Solutions for Business.